Leonardo Gutierrez, Jr.

Boise Seminarian


Seminarian Leonardo Gutierrez

c/o St. Paul Seminary

2260 Summit Ave

St. Paul, MN 55105-1094




June 21

My name is Leonardo “Guillermo” Gutierrez and I was born in the small town of ​Morelia, Mexico. I come from a very devout religious family and I’ve always been ​an active member in the Catholic Church. My family’s strong faith, as well as my ​uncle who is a priest, have provided a strong example of faith and set the stage for ​discerning the priesthood.

My parents moved to Idaho during my first year of seminary and they both work ​for the Diocese of Boise. My father is the Coordinator for the Office of Diocesan ​Events and my mother works in the diocese’s communications department.

I finished my Theology I classes at St. Paul Seminary in spring of 2024 and I look ​forward to future classes. I am very excited to start this new stage of my life and I ​give thanks to God for all the love and mercy He has shown to me and my family. ​I beg you to keep me in your prayers as I keep you and the Diocese of Boise in ​mine.

My hobbies are reading, movies and playing soccer.