Ronald Onyekwelu

Boise Seminarian


Seminarian Ronald Onyekwelu

c/o St. Paul Seminary

2260 Summit Ave

St. Paul, MN 55105-1094



June 7

My name is Ronald Onyekwelu and I was born in Nigeria. I am the oldest of eight ​children. My father was born Catholic, while my mother converted to the faith ​from the Anglican Church. I was raised in a lovely Cathlic home that was involved ​in the Altar Servers Association, the Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria and ​Seminarians for Life.

I received my bachelors degree in Arts and Philosophy from Pope JP II Major Semin​ary in Nigeria. My religious teachers had a big influence on me in my early years ​as did my patron saint, St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) who endured much sacrifi​ce for the love of God and humanity. I finished my propaedeutic year at St​. Paul Seminary in May 2024 and I am enrolled in Theology I classes there this f​a​ll.

I became familiar with the Diocese of Boise due to the good, humble and ​spirit-filled advice I received from my mentor, Fr. Onyema Okorie. Father is a Ca​tholic Chaplain at the Mountain Home US Air Force Base. I never traveled outsi​de of my home country of Nigeria before I got on a plane to come to the Boise D​iocese. Every day is a new experience as I acclimate to this culture.

I enjoy​ ​reading, soccer and racket games, along with Eucharistic Adoration. I also have a ​special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.