Zack MacKeller

Boise Seminarian



June 30

My name is Zack MacKeller & I’m most recently from Boise. I served five years ​with the US Air Force and my father served for 25yrs. So home has never been ​where I was born or identified by my mailing address. Rather, home is where I've ​found community and belonging. I was stationed at Mountain Home AFB in 2015 ​and I fell in love with Idaho and the great outdoors. I spent two years at Boise ​State while still serving part-time with the Air National Guard. This is where I first ​began to consider the priesthood. My discernment never came as a knocked-me-​off-my-horse revelation or even an explicit desire to be a priest. Rather, what has ​led me has been a desire to give up my own perceptions of what is good and follow ​God’s will for my life. When I look back on all the doors He has closed and all the ​doors He has opened, I can see the path He's led me on to bring me to the ​seminary. I completed Pre-Theology II classes in spring of 2024. I will be entering ​the Archdiocese for the Military Services USA this fall and I ask for your ongoing ​prayers.

My hobbies include trail running, camping and really bad science fiction.